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Daily News Stuff August 28 2019

Let Dozing Bulls Lie Edition

Tech News

  • If you have an FX-series Bulldozer AMD will pay you up to $35.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is in settlement of a suit regarding the description of these chips as "eight core" which they sort of were and sort of weren't.  The total amount of the settlement is $12.1 million which isn't going to bankrupt AMD or make anyone else rich.

  • Backpage was actively working with law enforcement to shut down sex trafficking when legislators and law enforcement went after them for promoting sex trafficking.  (TechDirt)

    Remember kids: Private business might be slimy, but prosecutors are slimy and have qualified immunity.

  • Duolingo will now teach you Latin, perfect your your trip to the 2nd century.  (Tech Crunch)

  • Google Hire?  More like Google Fire.  (ZDNet)

    Another service getting shut down with no replacement.

    Google, you're bad at this.  Let small companies build these things, then buy them, then slowly squeeze the life out of them, like Computer Associates in the old days.

  • Bedbugs need not apply.  (Esquire)

    A tale of freedom of speech that - for a change - ends happily for everyone except the bedbug.

  • My brother was in Indonesia recently and mentioned something about this: Jakarta is sinking and Indonesia is going to build a new capital. (Ars Technica)

    Nothing to do with global warming; the earth under the city is compacting for a host of reasons and the city is sinking by as much as 16 centimetres per year - and it's accelerating.

Disclaimer: Not drowning, waving.

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1 The Jakarta article mentions this is happening in other places and mentions Venice and New Orleans, but these aren't the only places, either.  Mexico City has been sinking for hundreds of years, too.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, August 29 2019 02:17 AM (Iwkd4)

2 As I suspected, it took about 2 comments for the Arseian commentariat to start whining about global warming (oops--like good drones, they are all calling it climate change now).

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, August 29 2019 02:19 AM (Iwkd4)

3 Eh, I have an FX-8350, so no pittance for me. Frankly, it seems to run fine.
Still trying to root out the random bluescreens. Even after replacing a DIMM that was getting a few errors in MemTest.

Posted by: Mauser at Thursday, August 29 2019 12:47 PM (Ix1l6)

4 I think it applies to any of the FX-range earthmoving-equipment family.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, August 29 2019 06:12 PM (PiXy!)

5 Not drowning, waving.
That's a great band.

Posted by: mikeski at Thursday, August 29 2019 06:51 PM (P1f+c)

6 From what I've read, it's only the Zambezi 8-core processors, the 8100 series, and only if you bought one from AMD or in California.  8350?  6100?  Bought it in Oklahoma?  Tough luck.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, August 30 2019 12:13 AM (Iwkd4)

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