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Daily News Stuff 8 June 2019

More Faster Please Edition

Tech News

  • So, what if you're in Australia and you want more than 100Mbps internet access?

    The short answer is tough cookies. The longer answer is that some providers do sort of offer higher end plans. (LifeHacker)

    Aussie Broadband has 150/100 starting at $150 per month and 250/100 starting at $170 per month - but only for FTTP and FTTB connections.

    If you're on FTTC (which I will be) much less FTTN or HFC, you're completely out of luck.

    iiNet (my ISP) offers gigabit symmetric fibre but at $900 per month on a 36 month contract it's not quite what I'm looking for.  (ZDNet)

  • Dropbox increased all its plans by $2 per month ($3 in Australia). (The Verge)

    On the other hand, the 1TB plan now provides 2TB, the 2TB plan provides 3TB, and the 3TB plan goes up to 5TB.

    I was intending to upgrade from 1TB to 2TB, so this will actually save me money. For more typical customers who use 5% of their storage, not so great.

    Dropbox (and my own local backups) reduced my recent drive failure from a disaster into just a darn nuisance.  And a reminder: If you have multiple computers, Dropbox can sync across your local network as well.

  • Long time and abruptly former Ars Technica contributor Peter Bright a.k.a Dr Pizza was reportedly arrested by the FBI in a sting operation. (The Daily Dot)

    Do not read the linked article if you have blood pressure problems.

  • 32GB DIMMs are here and not insanely expensive. (Tom's Hardware)

    Around $156 for regular size and $169 for notebook (SO-DIMM) at 2666MHz. That puts it right at the price of two 16GB modules.

    Now I just need to check if they'll work in Tohru and Rally. Though really, since I have two of them, 32GB will be plenty.

  • The organiser of that Google walkout just walked out. (Tech Crunch)

    Maybe she can find a job at Vox or BuzzFeed.

  • In sad news that is actually sad Maker Faire has laid off all its staff and is ceasing operations. (Tech Crunch)

  • An NPM package name generator.

    Your NPM package could be named haemadynameter

    Um.  Okay.

  • Graphcore's C2 IPU provides two AI processors, each with 1216 cores, each capable of around 100GFLOPs.  (Serve the Home)

    That's over 200TFLOPs per card, and you can link 8 cards together in a single server, for...  A lot.

    Each chip has 900GB/s of off-chip bandwidth and 90TB/s of on-chip bandwidth.  Also a lot.

Video of the Day

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1 Lots of good c-words available for NPM packages: constructional, confusability, cabman, catheterize, catacaustic, coster, compositous, etc. Although I think 'brokenness' is the most thematically appropriate one that I got. Or perhaps 'sewerage'.


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