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Daily News Stuff 31 January 2019

Tech News

  • Intel closes out January with a bang by launching their 28 core Xeon W-3175X for $2999. (AnandTech)

    Which is a lot of money - and a lot more than the competing 32 core Threadripper 2990WX at $1799 - but a lot less than expected.  After all, it's the same chip as the Xeon 8180, which runs around $10,000, just with some interconnects disabled.  (Other Linus dropped one of those and busted it.)

    This is also the one Intel showed off last year overclocked to 5GHz with an external 1hp water chiller. The version they are actually shipping is slightly more restrained: 3.1GHz base and 4.5GHz max boost frequency, and a 255W TDP.

    About that TDP... While it's basically the same on paper as the 2990WX, AMD stick firmly to that limit, while the Intel part draws 380W at stock under full load. Overclocking naturally does nothing to help this.

    On Final Fantasy XV, the W-3175X is 2% faster than a Ryzen 2700X, so the latter is probably still our recommended configuration.

    More realistically, if you're rendering in Corona it's 20% faster than the Threadripper 2990WX, but is slightly slower in Blender and dead even in POV-Ray. So even if money is no object, you still need to check out the benchmarks for your specific application.

    Also, since this is clearly the fastest part Intel can produce, it gives AMD a nice big target to shoot at when they roll out Threadripper 3 towards the middle of the year.  Well, there is that dual-chip 48 core part they're planning, but that is basically two of those $10k parts on a module with a few cores disabled.  I don't think Intel wants to sell that into the desktop market.

    Oh, and there are exactly two motherboards available that support this CPU, only one of which is available in retail, and they cost around $1700.

  • AMD had a great year. (PC Perspective)

    Revenue up, margins up, expenses up - well, that's not ideal all else being equal, but revenue climbed $1.2b compared to expenses climbing by just $280m. And a healthy profit at the end.

    And that's before the server sales really start to kick in, which should start this year with Zen 2 and Rome.

  • Speaking of which, if the Xeon W-3175X is too rich for your blood but you like the idea of more than four memory channels, Gigabyte has an EPYC workstation motherboard in standard ATX size. (Serve the Home)

    Only one DIMM per channel, but there are 8 channels, and they literally could not fit any more.

    Three 1G (including the dedicated BMC) and two 10G Ethernet (the 10G is SPF, though), 16 SATA ports, four full PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and one x8, one M.2 slot, and two USB 3.0. No USB 3.1 or audio; it's really a server board in a workstation format.

  • Apple is facing a lawsuit over that FaceTime bug because we can't have nice things. (Tom's Hardware)

  • Build your own Linux distro in 10 minutes! (Phoronix)

    Because why not?

  • Is Intel courting high-speed networky favourite Mellanox? (The Next Platform)

    Signs point to yes.

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