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Daily News Stuff 30 August 2019

I Can't Believe My Isekai Has This Many Legs Edition

Tech News

  • Sharp is working to deliver 8K over 5G.  (AnandTech)

    This may seem something of a niche market right now, but when 8K displays come down in price the way 4K already has and become ubiquitous, and 5G does the same, which will take a little longer, these things will be deployed everywhere.

    And then they'll all get hacked but that's another news item.

  • Asus is preparing at least two motherboards for what PCPer has taken to calling Thirdripper.  (VideoCardz)

    AMD appears to be planning three chipsets for their new flagship desktop parts: The low-end TRX40, the high end WRX80, and the middle-end TRX80.


  • Someone is suing the people behind that baby shark song though not over crimes against humanity as you might expect, but copyright infringement.  (TechDirt)

    The interesting thing here is while the litigant points out that miscreant Korean company PinkFong did not write the song...  Neither did he.  

    The really interesting thing is that, in this hyperdocumented age, no-one seems to know who did write it.  It just kind of appeared.

  • NPM has banned ads.  (ZDNet)

    The only possible move other than to burn down the entire ecosystem, which was my preferred approach.

  • Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has released Dqlite, an open source distributed embedded database.

    At first I was Who the hell needs a distributed embedded database? and then I realised that the target market is me.

    Thanks Canonical, I'll take a look at this.

  • Compass needles are going to point north for the first time in 360 years but only for a few days in September and only if you are in Greenwich, England.  (The Guardian)

  • Google uncovered a long-term effort to target iPhone users via known security flaws.  (Six Colors)

    The bugs in question were patch months ago.  What Google found was a major ongoing effort to use the bugs to compromise the phones of selected victims - most likely by a state actor.

Video of the Day

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? (So I'm a Spider, So What?) is a light novel and manga series about stop me if you've heard this before only this time she's a spider.  i've read the manga version up to the latest chapter, and although it's clearly similar to Re:Slime the character and the story are more deftly written and more engaging.  (I say character because, well, in the manga so far that's pretty much how it is.  I understand the light novel series jumps around a bit more.)

Aoi Yuki has been cast as the unnamed protagonist (sometimes referred to as Kumoko, which just means spider-girl).  She's the voice of Tanya the Evil, Tohru from A Channel, Kayo from Erased, Kino from the recent remake, and best girl Froppy.  I like what she does with the character even in this quick preview; she's more exasperated and less panicky than than I expected.

I hope they can clean up the CGI a bit by the time it lands, though Kumoko herself looks pretty good.

Disclaimer: That Time I Got Preincarnated As I Can't Believe My Little Isekai Has This Many Legs And Still Can't Communicate will probably air in 2020.

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1 I was reading it until it turned out the site I was reading it on was evil. But I was kinda getting bored with it, as it seemed to be almost purely noodling about with the RPG elements.

Oh, and also Cleanup required on Aisle 3:

Posted by: Mauser at Saturday, August 31 2019 02:36 PM (Ix1l6)

2 I kept going with it because I like the character so much, though the site I'm reading it on is almost certainly also evil.

I understand that the light novel series mixes Kumoko's stat noodling with other events going on in the world - things we only start to see in the latest few chapters of the manga.  Just from this preview we can see characters that haven't shown up in the manga at all, so it must be adapting the light novels and might arrange the story the same way.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, September 01 2019 03:46 AM (PiXy!)

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