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Daily News Stuff 28 March 2018

Fuck Skype And Fuck Google Hangouts Too Edition

Tech News

  • Cisco: We fixeded it!

    Testers were using Curl to exploit an open vulnerability in Cisco routers, so Cisco "fixed" it by blocking web requests that identified themselves as coming from Curl.  This is about as effective as trying to stop a pyroclastic flow with a paper sign saying "Volcanoes Keep Out".

  • PyCharm 2019.1 is out.

    New features include....  Nothing much, really.  But the previous version was already very good.

  • Samsung's Galaxy A70 is a mid-range phone with a microSD slot.  (AnandTech)

    Huge 6.7" 2400x1080 OLED display, unspecified mid-range CPU, 6GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB flash.

Social Media News

Disclaimer: This post is a volcano free zone.

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1 "Cisco "fixed" it by blocking web requests that identified themselves as coming from Curl."

New CERT advisory:  curl -A considered harmful.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, March 29 2019 02:27 AM (Iwkd4)

2 Actually this is kind of serious, since China's government is entirely capable of rounding people up and shipping them off for re-education, for any reason or none at all.

I think you are being optimistic about what Xi's New PRC would do to them.  Given how heavy handed the PRC has been against homosexuality, I would not be surprised at all if the 're-education' part includes a dose of sterilization, to make sure there is no chance artificial insemination might allow those DNA strands to be passed on to future generations.

Posted by: cxt217 at Friday, March 29 2019 09:03 AM (LMsTt)

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