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The film Johnny Dangerously came out 35 years ago today.

Disclaimer: You can tell I'm a living legend, not some ordinary creep.

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1 SMT:  there's a couple of current games out that are running more poorly than one would expect on the SMT-less 9th-gen i5s and i7s.  Nobody seems to know why yet, except from the observation that it's only happening on CPUs without hyperthreads.  (I'm not sure if anyone's tried disabling SMT on a 9900 for comparison.)

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, December 23 2019 05:35 AM (Iwkd4)

2 Vox, AB5, etc:  I noticed last week that that the commenters on an article on some site, probably The Takeout but I'm not sure, were going full-on Hillary Clinton ("I can't worry about every undercapitalized business out there") and displaying pretty close to "I have no sympathy at all" for restaurants closing due to minimum wage hikes ("if you can't afford a $40K increase in your payroll maybe you weren't such a good business owner anyway").  The juxtaposition of that with all the freelancers watching their careers end due to AB5 and saying they don't blame Vox at all for canning them is a bit jarring.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, December 23 2019 05:39 AM (Iwkd4)

3 A coworker of mine, who had a good gig going contracting with our company (he wanted to work nights, and we were able to let him), is now seeking full-time employment elsewhere because of the CA law.

Posted by: Jay at Monday, December 23 2019 12:56 PM (vuQH5)

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