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Tech News

  • The men who sold the Moon.  (IEEE Spectrum)

  • Samsung announced their new small tablet.  (AnandTech)

    Snapdragon 855 CPU, 7.3" 2048x1536 AMOLED display, plus a 4.6" 1680x720 rear display, also AMOLED.  12GB RAM, 512GB UFS 3.0 flash storage, three front cameras (selfie, video, and "live focus"), three rear cameras (video, wide angle, telephoto), USB-C, headphone jack, and the other usual bits.


    Oh, and it folds up.
    And unlike the iPad, it's supposed to.

  • Samsung also announced the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10 5G, and S10e.  (AnandTech)

    They're phones.  Similar internals and camera arrangements to the Fold tablet, with the top models adding a fourth rear camera for 3D.   Headphone jack is present on all models, and all except the S10e have a new under-screen fingerprint sensor.

    Prices start at $750 for the 6GB/128GB S10e, heading up to $1600 for the 12GB/1TB S10+.  Prices for the S10 5G not announced just yet.

  • Arm announced their new N1 server and E1 embedded CPU ranges based on derivatives of the A76 mobile core and A65 automotive core respectively.  (AnandTech)

    The N1 core measures 1.2 to 1.4mm2 on a 7nm process, and uses 1W at 2.6GHz.

    Unlike the mobile parts, which group CPU cores into clusters of two or four, these designs use a mesh arrangement like Intel's server parts.  Arm has prepared a reference design with 128 N1 cores, but it can also be implemented using chiplets with smaller core counts.

    The E1 is a lower-performance part, but is less than 0.5mm2 and uses less than 200mW at 2.5GHz.  It uses a similar mesh arrangement to the N1, with a 16 core reference design expected to use less than 15W (including I/O, memory, and network controllers).

  • Oh, that microphone.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Don't worry about it.

  • BenQ has a new professional 4K display.  (AnandTech)

    32", HDR10, 95% DCI-P3, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, HDMI, usual stuff.  And it also has a built-in KVM switch that apparently can also control a second monitor.

    I have two Dell all-in-ones with 4K screens.  Each has HDMI out and HDMI in, so I have them cross-linked so each can be the second monitor of the other.  But to do that switch I have to press four buttons - monitor 1, monitor 2, keyboard, mouse - and wait for them to all sort themselves out.  Not very fluid.

  • An uncountably infinite number of Möbius strips cannot be packed into an infinite 3D volume.  (Quanta)

    Well, that explains why I can't get my suitcase closed.

Infographic of the Day

Disclaimer: Attach two interlocking smaller tori, one on each side of the gap left by the slice, and repeat the process, slicing each torus and inserting an interlocking pair of smaller tori that you will subsequently slice and insert even smaller tori into.

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1 I'd love to have a Galaxy S phone again--I had a Note 2, and it was awesome.
But I paid $430--including shipping from Hong Kong--for my Mi Mix 2s, with 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845.  Samsung can pound sand.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, February 21 2019 03:13 PM (Iwkd4)

2 "Oh, *that* microphone."

Reason #1 I have no smart devices in my house (other than my phone, of course, and my TV, and one of these days I'll get around to crippling the TV at the router.)

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, February 21 2019 03:15 PM (Iwkd4)

3 Yeah, I want a smart device that works for me.  One that's smart enough to understand speech on its own, then call the appropriate API to get the data I need.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, February 21 2019 09:54 PM (PiXy!)

4 I wonder how useful a Connection Machine implemented in a single die would be. You should easily be able to put all 64k "processors" into a pretty small area by modern cpu standards.

Posted by: Kayle at Friday, February 22 2019 01:32 AM (magRz)

5 "One that's smart enough to understand speech on its own"
Supposedly that takes too much processing power or whatever.  Maybe that's even true.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 22 2019 02:40 AM (Q/JG2)

6 It's certainly more resource-intensive to process speech entirely offline on small devices, but it can be done. Given a hybrid approach where there was one Really Smart Device in your house that handled the grunt work for the others, you could get within shooting distance of the Sirigoogalexa experience.

My Synology NAS already runs Docker containers, with the CPU and RAM to make good use of them, so it could be turned into a voice-recognition hub. It's already a mostly-useful "personal cloud" (file service B+, OneNote-alike C+, Dropbox-alike D+, Kallithea on Docker A-).


Posted by: J Greely at Friday, February 22 2019 03:42 AM (tgyIO)

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