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Daily News Stuff 18 December 2019

A Cat May Look At A King Edition

Tech News

  • The secret word of the day is DELAY_KEY_WRITE.

    If you create a full-text index in MySQL and start shoving data into it, MySQL will try to flush the new index entries to disk as fast as it can.  This can easily produce a situation where posting a single comment writes a megabyte of data to disk.

    DELAY_KEY_WRITE says don't do that.  The new index entries sit in the key buffer (in RAM) until they need to be written out to make room for something else.

    Downside is that if the server crashes you need to run an index rebuild.

    Upside is that - coupled with moving transactional data from the InnoDB engine to TokuDB - it reduced the I/O load by 95%.  Full-text search went from being a pain in the bum to manage, to being a pain in the bum to manage if and when the server happens to crash.

    I can live with that.  Need to decouple things a little so that if the search index gets corrupted everything except search will keep running while it rebuilds, but that will take maybe three or four hours.

  • ADATA has 3GHz 32GB SO-DIMMs for all your 3GHz 32GB SO-DIMM needs.  (AnandTech)

    I want to try these in my Dell desktops, which currently only have 16GB.  I would upgrade, except that I have five computers with 16GB each so I just run things on different computers when I start to run out of RAM.

    Yes, it would have been a lot cheaper to buy more RAM.  I didn't plan to do it this way, it just sort of happened.

  • The new Mac Pro is actually repairable.  (iFixit)

    I mean, it should be - it's just an expensive PC in an expensive PC case.  But this is 2019, and it's Apple we're talking about, so it comes as something of a surprise.

  • That's not a whale.  (NewsBTC)

    Chinese scammers apparently stole - and then sold all at once - $185 million worth of Bitcoin.

  • The idiots at Microsoft are putting ads in their apps again.  (MS Power User)

    You can submit this as a suggestion, Microsoft.

  • Ghibli movies are now in the iTunes store.  (9to5Mac)

    I could wish they weren't copy-protected to Hell and back, but at least they are available.

Disclaimer: It might be very much like a whale, but it's not a whale.

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1 I bought the entire run of Phineas and Ferb back in the days when Requiem still worked, but ever since that august tool's demise, I haven't bought a single thing from Apple.

Posted by: Jay at Thursday, December 19 2019 02:04 PM (vuQH5)

2 Yeah.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, December 19 2019 11:06 PM (PiXy!)

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