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Daily News Stuff 17 December 2019

Water Feature Edition

Tech News

  • If you have LXD running on a ZFS storage pool, you can adjust the storage parameters for each container individually.  So if you suspect that compression is slowing down your database container, you can just do a quick

        zfs set compress=off my_server/containers/db_container

    and future writes will not be compressed and existing compressed pages will be written uncompressed if and when they get updated.

    ZFS is one of my favourite things.

    It seems to have worked: I'm currently posting (and full-text-indexing) 80 messages per second on my test server (four core / 2.6 GHz / 8 GB RAM) with  less than 40% CPU usage.

  • Samsung has announced two new mid-range phones: The Galaxy A51 and A71.  (AnandTech)

    They are very similar devices, with the A51 having a quad Cortex A73 processor and a 6.5" screen, and the A71 having a dual Cortex A76 processor and a 6.7" screen.

    2400x1080 display, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, microSD, headphone jack, 32 MP front camera, 12 MP ultrawide camera, 5 MP depth camera, and 5 MP macro camera on both.  The A51 has a 48 MP main camera and the A71 has a 64 MP.

    The A71 is also 7 grams heavier.

    A51 is around €310, if you live in Poland or Vietnam.

  • You can plug an iPad Pro into Apple's new Pro Display.  (WCCFTech)

    Even though the Pro Display is a Thunderbolt device and the iPad Pro lacks Thunderbolt, it actually works seamlessly.

  • A high-end Threadripper deserves a high-end Threadripper motherboard.  (Serve the Home)

    Sure, the 3970X is a $2000 chip, and the Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme is an $850 board, but they handily beat the Intel Xeon W-3275 which costs $4500 by itself.

    Also worth noting that it uses about 100W less than the last-generation  2990WX while delivering much better (and much more consistent) performance.

    And this isn't even the fastest Thirdripper.  That comes next month.

  • A new startup has raised $100 million to build a demonstration fusion reactor.  (The Telegraph)

    I looked around and everyone has exactly the same story, but someone at The Telegraph at least bothered to look up the company and add a quick paragraph on what makes this different from a Tokamak.

    General Fusion has a quick overview paper on their design.

    They've been at this for ten years already.  Fusion is easy, but practical, controlled fusion that produces net energy is not easy at all.

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