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Daily News Stuff 16 May 2019

Return of the Return of the Nyanpasu Edition

Tech News

  • Only Google can stop forest fires.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Add another one to the Killed by Google list.  Dual booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks is dead even before it shipped.

  • A 12 core Ryzen CPU benchmark leaked out.  (WCCFTech)

    It's an engineering sample with a top speed of 3.7GHz (the same as my Ryzen 1700) but even so outperforms 99.3% of systems on the UserBenchmark site.

  • Wait, Dropbox has an API?

    Now you tell me.

  • Google Pay's privacy settings are private.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Makes sense, I guess.

  • A vague handwavey plan to save the web that won't work.  (ZDNet)

  • Don't Believe the FUD: Ethereum Can Scale.  (Coindesk)

    Yeah, right.

    Ethereum is currently in the third day of its latest meltdown.  I have accumulated $100 just in transaction fees for transfers that have gotten stuck and aren't even showing as processing.

    Now, unlike with a bank, you get refunded the fees when those transactions eventually fail.  But right now the entire Ethereum network is basically unusable for anything more complicated than making payments - unless you are willing to pay transaction fees that are more than the value of the transaction itself.

  • If you want to make payments, you can do it far more quickly and cheaply on Stellar, unless the entire core cluster of nodes has fallen over simultaneously and the network can't figure out a quorum to continue processing.

    Which happened today.

    One of the projects at my day job is a dual blockchain app running on Ethereum and Stellar.  So yes, today was a lot of fun.

Anime Trailer of the Day

More trailers in the post below.  Scroll down.

Disclaimer: Sorry, we are unable to locate this transaction hash.

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1 Google pay:  and of course, "share all the things" is the default setting, because Google.

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