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Daily News Stuff 15 July 2019

Props Vs Jets Edition

Tech News

  • Parallax's Propeller 2 Rev B eval board is due next month.  (Parallax)

    The Propeller is a 32-bit CPU divided into 8 slices for hard real time tasks.  Rather than struggling to use interrupts to service low-latency I/O, you dedicate a slice to handle each specific task.

    The Propeller 2 is about twice as fast as version 1, and more significantly it upgrades the internal RAM from 32KB to 512KB.  It has all sorts of built-in hardware, so, for example, each I/O pin can be configured to handle either digital or analog signals. It even has built-in VGA and HDMI output.

  • The EU's Galileo GPS satellite network has been down for four days - not one of the 26 satellites is currently working correctly.  (ZDNet)

    Hey, it's July, they're French, what do you expect?

  • It's Prime Day.  Look at all the bargains...  Um, somewhere?

  • Don't blame San Francisco for the rot of New York and Washington DC.  (Bay Area Apologist)

Social Media News

  • So, an Antifa nut grabbed an AR-15, published his manifesto, and attempted to firebomb an immigration detention facility, because, yeah, that totally makes sense to burn down a building with the people you want to save still locked inside.

    The response from social media has been swift and definitive and consisted entirely of crickets chirping.

Anime News

  • Danmachi the movie and zeroth and first episodes of season two are out.  Guess that means it's summer, if we couldn't already tell from the crickets.

Video of the Day

"A fascinating mess, in the best way possible."

Bonus Video of the Day

"Cats and dogs, living together."

Disclaimer: That is a very silly question.

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1 There are some deals out there.  For instance, Amazon has 10TB WD Red HDDs for $216 USD (Max of 2).  Newegg, on the other hand, has Seagate Ironwolf 12TB drives for $289 USD (Max of 5, promo code required, so the link points to the add page).  Both deals are well below market price.  It's a good time to refresh your HDDs if you are a NAS owner.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Tuesday, July 16 2019 10:09 AM (jl9eJ)

2 Yeah, those are great prices.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, July 16 2019 10:58 AM (PiXy!)

3 "time services are down"
Did someone forget that objects in orbit have different clock speeds than objects in the gravity well?

Posted by: Kristophr at Tuesday, July 16 2019 01:37 PM (cys8N)

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