Thursday, July 11


Daily News Stuff 11 July 2019

Slow News Day Edition

Tech News

  • Pale Moon's archive server got breached.  (Bleeping Computer)

    The regular downloads were reportedly fine, but if you specifically downloaded an older version any time in the last 18 months, well, time to burn down your house and move to another continent.

  • Apple says no Zoom for your, erases that pesky local web server.  (Six Colors)

    Good riddance.

  • Magecart has infected another 17,000 online stores.  (ZDNet)

    Frigging plague rats.

  • Telstra had an outage that took down ATMs and Eftpos across Australia so if you went to a brick-and-mortar store to get away from Magecart you were in for a bad time.  (ZDNet)

  • You can get serial or parallel-interface 480x320 LCDs right from Amazon.  And they're pretty cheap.  Here's one for $28 for the Raspberry Pi, or if you have an Arduino because apparently Arduino users are perpetually broke you can get one for about one third as much.

    Thinking this might make a good intermediate step to getting video out of my imaginary 8/32-bit computer.

  • Foxtel - originally a joint venture between Fox and Telstra, though I don't know what they ownership is these days - has filed papers to force ISPs - such as Telstra - to block proxy sites.  (ZDNet)

    Fortunately - for the moment - the blocks are completely ineffective.  And exactly how that would change without draconian Chinese-level firewalls is unclear.  I have SSH.  Screw you guys.

  • You know who else liked Battle Angel Alita?  Hitler.  (One Angry Gamer)

    Our layers of fact checkers are at it again - in this case at The Independent.

  • Some reviewers have noted that cooling on the 5700XT is not great.

    Gamers Nexus spent 4¢ fixing it.  AMD is using a thermal pad that will work indefinitely; the problem is it doesn't work very well.

  • Amazon has filed to launch 3,236 broadband internet satellites.  (TechDirt)

    Many years ago I wrote a little computer game called Cosmic Junkman in which you had to fly around and de-orbit old, broken satellites.  Well, I say wrote; I don't think I ever got it working because it was before I had a computer of my own and I could only tinker with it after school.

    Now Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are making it real.

  • Rubymine is getting support for Crystal.  (Reddit)

    A feature request from 2016 has just been tagged under "new features" by the Rubymine team.

  • That problem with running the Raspberry Pi 4 on some spec-compliant USB-C cables comes down to a single resistor.  (Ars Technica)

    A fixed version should be along in a few months.

Video of the Day

Get your pets bright and sparkling clean by scrubbing them with baking soda.  Safe and environmentally friendly.  You may also need to to touch up the carbon contacts and give it a poke in the backside with a small screwdriver.

Disclaimer: You might believe it's butter.  Somebody likes Sara Lee.

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