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Tuesday, May 07


Daily News Stuff 6 May 2019

Pokemon of the Opera Edition

Tech News

The Pokemon of the Opera is There

Inside your Pokeball.  This show is far better than it had any right to be.

(What the heck are you doing with embedded start times, YouTube?  Stop that.  Oh.  Never mind.  Fixed now.)

Speaking of Merc Storia, the anime covered five quests out of, I think, 43 in the source material.  They could do another two seasons without even revisiting the same countries.  Unfortunately the game itself is Japanese-language only, so while it will happily run on my tablet I have no idea what I'm doing.

Disclaimer: Do not look into laser with remaining eye.

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Sunday, May 05


Daily News Stuff 5 May 2019

Even The Spiders Are Moeblobs Edition

Tech News

  • You've redecorated.  I don't like it.  (PC Perspective)

    Actually it's not bad at all; they just need to add a recent story list at top right.

  • Dell says oh, yeah, Epyc.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Possibly Intel's chip shortages are biting them, or it's customer demand, or some combination.

  • Lego is putting the STEM in Star Wars.  (Tech Crunch)

    Or possibly vice versa.  Anyway, you can build and program your own mouse droid.  And R2-D2.

  • Why can't I access archive.is when using Cloudflare's DNS?  (Hacker News)

    Short answer: Because archive.is is run by crazy people.

  • Wondering how a 112-core server with 6TB of Optane DIMMs might perform?  Wonder no more!  (Serve the Home)

    Overall, the answer is meh.  Unless you absolutely need the biggest single-image system you can get, two systems with quad Xeon Gold 6138 CPUs will be significantly faster and cheaper. 

  • I/O is faster than CPU.  (PDF)

    When your disk drive had an 11ms access time, it didn't  matter much how many layers of code were between your application and the write head.  Ten years on, a good enterprise SSD can have a write access time of 11µs, but CPUs aren't anything remotely close to 1000x faster.

    The solution?  Get rid of most of the operating system.  Maybe.

Anime Stuff

Merc Storia is Bottle Fairy meets Pokemon meets Kino's Journey meets Princess Tutu.

Just when you think you have a handle on it, an opera breaks out.

Disclaimer: The paella isn't actually anything special.

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Saturday, May 04


Daily News Stuff 4 May 2019

No They're Not Edition

Tech News

Anime Opening of the Day

Merc Storia is (a) Bottle Fairy meets Pokemon, and (b) a third-tier anime you probably haven't even heard of, and yet it looks wonderful.  Sure they take the shortcut of doing some backgrounds watercolour style with reduced detail, but they are wonderful watercolour style reduced detail backgrounds.

Don't know yet if the story is any good, but I'll give it a couple of episodes just because it's pretty to look at.

Update: Bottle Fairy meets Pokemon meets Kino's Journey.

Disclaimer: Don't care, got paella.

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Friday, May 03


Daily News Stuff 3 May 2019

Let's Try That Again Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: There was more, but my browser crashed.  Actually, there wasn't more, but my browser crashed anyway.

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Thursday, May 02


Daily News Stuff 2 May 2019

Node.js And Ethereum Edition

Tech News

  • Node.js still sucks.

    $ npm install
    added 768 packages from 928 contributors and audited 14853 packages in 69.649s
    found 1 high severity vulnerability
      run `npm audit fix` to fix them, or `npm audit` for details

    $ npm audit fix
    fixed 0 of 1 vulnerability in 14853 scanned packages
      1 package update for 1 vuln involved breaking changes
      (use `npm audit fix --force` to install breaking changes; or refer to `npm audit` for steps to fix these manually)

    $ npm audit fix --force
    npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing.

  • Intel leaving the 5G modem market made for a $4.5B payday for Qualcomm.  (Thurrott.com)

  • Facebook flunks the use/mention distinction much like other simplistic robots.  (TechDirt)

    Except...  The post that Facebook took down for racism actually was racist.  TechDirt are playing Social Justice Warrior here rather than Free Speech Warrior.  I don't think it should have been removed, but TechDirt is making all the wrong arguments.

  • GNU Guix 1.0 is out.

    What is Guix?  I don't know.  It might be a package manager.  I think it's a package manager.  It might be a hot dog bun steamer for all that web page tells you.

Anime Opening and I Wonder if the Vimeo Tag Still Works of the Day

Yeah, it's the Enoden again.  90% of Japan lives within walking distance of Enoshima, as far as I can tell from watching anime.

Music Video I Didn't Know Existed of the Day

Disclaimer: Don't ask me how my day was.  That NPM output was my day.

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Wednesday, May 01


Daily News Stuff 1 May 2019

Everyone Gets A Woodchipper Edition

Tech News

Anime Update

Charlotte: Nope.
Asobi Asobase: Nuh-uh.
No Game No Life: No way.
Hanayamata: Ya, maybe.  And it's on AnimeLab so it's click-and-watch.

Disclaimer: Woodchippers and 6:30 AM do not mix.  Seriously, what the fuck?

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