Tuesday, May 01


New Toy: Arale

It's a Xeon E5-2620 v2 with 64GB of RAM and a RAID-6 array of SSDs.

It's very cheap because it's a 2013 system - not quite 5 years old - and they're small SSDs.  But it will do nicely to replace a couple of our other servers that are running with single SSDs.

It will be the main server for the new platform.  I was worried until the weekend that I'd need more CPU power than that, but the 5x performance gains I got from two days of intense optimisation mean that this little server will run like the wind.  In Kansas.  In May.

The 64GB RAM is nice too; the other server I got recently only has 16GB, which is adequate but not spacious.  I had been considering Digital Ocean because of the ease of use, but it would cost nearly 5x as much if I wanted that much RAM in one place.


And I have that stupid boot loader problem with this one too.  Digital Ocean does not suffer from boot loader problems.

Update: Well, that was weird.  Five-year-old hardware but a two-year-old operating system won't boot.  But a week-old operating system does.

Well, Ubuntu 18.04 here we go, I guess.  While fiddling around I turned it into a RAID-1 for boot and a RAID-5 for storage.  I'll probably keep that.


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