Friday, September 21


Index And Railgun Update

There were just two minor regrets I had about the HP laptops I ordered: They weren't offering the 1TB model in the sale, when I would have happily paid an extra $200 or so, and the model I ordered didn't come with the matching pen.  HP sells a couple of different pens so no big deal, but that's an extra $90, twice, and the one in the store is silver rather than charcoal grey.

Because of the stock issue, they gave me a free upgrade to the 1TB model.

The 1TB model comes with the pen.

I don't have them set up yet, but they're unpacked, and it's crazy how small and light and well-constructed they are.  These machines are works of art.

Screen is fantastic, and the speakers are surprisingly good too - based just on listening to Cortana in Windows Setup, which some might not consider a comprehensive test.

Also, it's back in stock for immediate delivery.  I could buy a third- WHACK!  NO!

Note on packaging: Inside the box there is another box.  Inside the other box, there is a tiny compartment for the pen.  Underneath the tiny compartment for the pen, there is an even tinier compartment for the battery for the pen.  You will need this.

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