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Daily News Stuff 30 November 2018

Tech News
  • QNAP's HS-453DX Silent NAS is another attempt at a latter-day Cobalt Qube.  (AnandTech)

    Gemini Lake Celeron J4105 Atom CPU (these are the good, or at least adequate, Atoms), up to 8GB RAM in what looks like two SO-DIMMs, two regular drive bays, two M.2 (SATA only) slots, two Ethernet ports, one of which goes up to 10Gb (including the new 2.5Gb and 5Gb speeds that work over crappy cables), two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, one USB-C, one HDMI 1.4, one HDM 2.0, and three 1/8" audio jacks.

    I was trying to make sense of the photos and then realised that this is not all that small - it's 16" wide and 9" deep.  The drive bays are full 3.5" size, not 2.5" as I'd first assumed.

  • Microsoft may be releasing new Surface models next year, which may include different chips and other features than the 2018 models.  Unless they don't.  (The Verge)

  • Australia's crappy government is going ahead with it's universally derided internet insecurity legislation.  (TechDirt)

  • Go 2 is a thing that will happen at some point, probably.

  • Gigabyte's H261-Z60 squeezes four dual-socket EPYC servers into 2U of rack space.  (Serve the Home)

    Each dual socket node supports 16 DIMM slots, two M.2 110mm slots, and a mezzanine network card with dual 10GbE ports as standard.

    With the upcoming Rome CPUs that will deliver 512 cores and up to 16TB of RAM.

    This model has 24 2.5" SATA bays; the H261-Z61 replaces those with NVMe.

    Oh, and it has 2.2kW redundant power supplies to keep everything fed.  The thing must sound like a jet engine.

  • Are you sad because you have an all-in-one desktop or a new laptop and can't upgrade to 10Gb Ethernet like all the cool kids?

    Based on recent Linux driver updates (a key source of leaks these days) Aquantia is working on that.  (Phoronix)

    Whether these upcoming USB adaptors will handle full 10Gb speeds is an open question, but the driver supports 2.5Gb and 5Gb, which is a good start.

  • Everything has been hacked and everyone's details have been leaked.  (Bleeping Computer)

    I may have glossed over a few minor details there.

  • Bull Computers, which apparently still exists, has announced a range of Rome-based supercomputers with up to 12,288 cores per rack.  (Next Platform)

    If you need more than 12,288 cores, they can do that too.

  • Amazon is updating their Lambda quote serverless unquote platform to support more languages including C++, Rust, Erlang,  Elixir, PHP, and, seriously, Cobol  (ZDNet)

    They've also released an AWS Toolkit plugin for PyCharm, which is my IDE of choice.

  • Back in September, which seems like a long, long time ago, I was looking at upgrading my two desktop PCs, Tohru and Rally.  They only have 256GB of SSD each, which fills up rapidly when you start, oh, I don't know, cloning the entire production environment to your desktop on a daily basis.  And just forget about trying to store your Steam library anywhere but on an external drive.

    The 1TB Samsung 970 EVO was the drive of choice, but it cost A$549, and I needed two of them, and then I spent all my money on those two shiny new laptops (Index and Railgun).  They have 1TB of SSD each, and since they cost A$1275 including sales tax and shipping, when the SSD alone was nearly half that, it seemed like a much better way to spend my money.

    And it was, three months ago.

    Today that same SSD is selling for A$319.  A$274 after a mail-in rebate, if you believe in such things, which I don't, but if you do, that's a dollar less than half price - in three months.

    I'll have to check my bank balance, but Tohru and Rally may be getting a Christmas present.  (The rebate ends 31 December, even if it is of purely imaginary value.)  And even if money is tight this month, this one isn't a one-off blink-and-you'll-miss-it deal.  Hell, the 970 PRO is cheaper than the 970 EVO was just a couple of months ago.

Social Media News

Video of the Day

Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network are threatening an anime sequel to Blade Runner.  Fortunately we already have that, so they can't screw it up.

Picture of the Day

The Andromeda Galaxy is fucking huge.  It's too dim to see easily, which is why it doesn't actually look like this in the night sky - even a sliver of a crescent Moon will outshine it a thousandfold - but if you could see the two at the same time you'd realise that it's absolutely bloody enormous.

(Click to embiggen.)

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1 "But what about the rest? We are constrained by the fact that we now have millions of Go programmers and a large body of Go code, and we need to bring it all along, lest we risk a split ecosystem. That means we cannot make many changes, and the changes we are going to make need to be chosen carefully. To make progress, we are implementing a new proposal evaluation process for these significant potential changes."
This has a lot of popcorn potential.  It'll be entertaining watching youngsters relearn the problem C and C++ had evolving!

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, December 01 2018 12:31 AM (Q/JG2)

2 They're right about the split ecosystem though.  You have to make one breaking change at a time, so you can clearly explain it:
print is a function in Constrictor 2.0 rather than a keyword.  We've also added pragma use_print_function to releases 1.6.5 and 1.7.2 to allow you to maintain a single codebase.
I recently had to update a medium-sized app from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 and I was digging out broken menus and crap like that for days because of random changes that never needed to happen.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, December 01 2018 07:36 AM (PiXy!)

3 "They're right about the split ecosystem though."

Oh, sure, Python 2 vs 3, etc.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, December 01 2018 08:19 AM (Q/JG2)


Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network are threatening an anime sequel to Blade Runner.  Fortunately we already have that, so they can't screw it up.

I am more concerned that Cartoon Network is involved in the production of the anime, though Crunchyroll has not been covering itself with glory lately.  CN involving entertainment production credits/tax write-offs with their titles has caused serious problems later on for all hands and in all aspects, not the least is getting said titles released to home video.  At least IGPX eventually got licensed by Discotek in the States (Probably because CN and Williams Street did not have majority ownership of it.).

Posted by: cxt217 at Saturday, December 01 2018 10:55 AM (LMsTt)

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