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Daily News Stuff 27 September 2018

Tech News

  • Arm has announced the Cortex A76AE, a safety-oriented processor for autonomous vehicles (and presumable other advanced automation). (AnandTech)

    It supports lockstep operation similar to the old Tandem Nonstop mainframes. Each instruction is executed on two independent cores, and if the results diverge it's immediately treated as an error. It scales up to 64 total cores.

  • Memory prices may drop 5% this year. (Tom's Hardware)

    Woo. Leaving them at 3x their low point from four years ago.

  • The Asustor A4004T is a cheap 4-bay NAS with 10 gigabit Ethernet. (Serve the Home)

    10GbE sounds like overkill for a small cheap NAS, but in fact four drives like the current BarraCuda Pro in RAID-5 can deliver a peak transfer rate of about 8Gbps.

    Also interesting that there are now low-cost embedded Arm processors with built-in 10GbE, which is what this device uses. Oh, and it's normal 10GBase-T - Cat6a - not some weird crap.

  • Delicious 1700lb giant turkeys once roamed Madagascar. (Inverse)

    Lina and Gourry ate them all.

  • Sydney's Olympic Park (site of the 2000 Summer Olympics) is hosting trials of driverless shuttle services. (ZDNet)

    So far hardly anyone has been horribly killed.

  • Kairosoft has some sort of new RPG out.

    Only in Japanese right now, but they are much quicker than they used to be at translating games into English.

  • That Linux code revocation thing?  Not going to happen.  The Software Freedom Conservancy said no, so I went and read the GPLv2 myself, and I have to agree with them.  By contributing code to a GPL project you agree to the license, granting other users an irrevocable license so long as they also agree to the license.

    You could sue over it, but you'd likely fail.

    So terminal cancer it is.

Social Media News

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1 Ace's blog seems to have caught fire and died.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, September 28 2018 05:47 AM (e+hus)

2 ...and now it's back.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, September 28 2018 06:09 AM (Q/JG2)

3 We had a weird situation where the virtual server allocated all its RAM to disk caching and was actually reporting a negative amount of free memory.

I was able to shrink it down from 24GB to 8GB and then grow it back to 24GB again, while it was online, which acted like a bucket of cold water to the face as far as memory management was concerned.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, September 28 2018 11:10 AM (PiXy!)

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