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Daily News Stuff 23 September 2018

Tech News

  • Australia's godawful mathematics-denying encryption bill has been passed to a joint committee for review, rather than being set on fire and flushed down the toilet as is proper. (ZDNet)

  • Chrome is a google Cloud service with a browser attached.

    Particularly noteworthy:
    Chromium is apparently also affected by this.
    This extends even into the open source version. This is an extension of how I got locked out of YouTube for eight years. And of course, Google's terms of service forbid you getting around that by having multiple accounts.

  • Intel's Optane 905P is now available in useful capacities. (Serve the Home)

    More interesting, STH notes that their own server is now using an Optane drive for their databases.

  • Paul Thurrott (he's on Windows Weekly, um, weekly, on the TWiT network) takes a look at the Intel version of the HP Envy x2, another take from HP on the detachable design like the Spectre x2 I just got. (ThurrottTM)

    Paul reviewed the Arm version previously and found that it was a beautiful, elegant, functional system that completely sucked for getting anything done because the Arm CPU was painfully slow running Intel software under emulation.

    The new Envy version has a lower resolution screen than the Spectre, and a slower CPU, and less memory and storage, but has LTE support and is aimed at delivering all-day battery life.

    He also reviewed the Spectre x2 last year for those interested in a comparison.

Social Media News

  • China has banned Twitch streaming. Unexpectedly. (Tom's Hardware)

  • Ahaha! Ahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!
Ah.  Hmm.  [Looks at what operating system is running this blog.  Starts frantically buying books about OpenBSD.]

Longer discussion at and apparently a medium-sized civil war has broken out on the kernel developers' mailing list.

Video of the Day

This fits The World God Only Knows even better than Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Picture of the Day

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1 "Linux kernel devs can revoke their contributions to the kernel."
This CoC thing is every bit the fustercluck we all knew it would be.
By the way, this ability is what killed the most-widely-used modded Minecraft server, bukkit.  When a dev found out Bukkit was owned by Microsoft[1] he revoked permission to all his code--which was a lot.  The project pretty much died overnight.
[1]  The Bukkit devs had kinda sorta said one time they'd been hired by Mojang, when it happened, but nobody realized what they meant.  When Notch sold Mojang to Microsoft, there was a firestorm.  

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, September 24 2018 02:19 AM (Iwkd4)

2 Yep.  It would only take a handful of devs removing their code in protest to turn it into a complete disaster.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, September 24 2018 04:10 PM (PiXy!)

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