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Daily News Stuff 20 September 2018

Tech News

  • Nvidia's RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti are out.  (AnandTech)

    Well, not out in the sense that you can buy them, but out in the sense that you can't buy them, because (a) there aren't any and (b) the cheapest cards cost around A$1400.

    [Correction: Looks like some RTX 2080 cards are in stock, though the RTX 2080 Ti is not.]

    The 2080 performs about the same as the existing 1080 Ti but has less memory (8GB vs 11GB), and the 1080 Ti can be found for A$1000.  The 2080 Ti is the fastest gaming card around, but will likely cost around A$2000.

    The interesting part is the extra functionality added with the Turing family of chips: Dedicated ray tracing cores for more realistic light and shadows, and dedicated AI cores for more realistic...  AI.  In a year or two this will become significant, as libraries and games adopt the new features.  Right now, though, it's not, and even hardware ray tracing can't deliver playable 4K frame rates.

    Still if you're a game developer, this card is a no-brainer.  If you have a seven-figure trust fund, or you have a popular YouTube channel streaming or reviewing games, sure.   Otherwise you might as well stick with what you have until Nvidia and AMD bring their 7nm cards out next year, which will be both faster and cheaper.

    Gamers Nexus has more details than you could possibly want for each card.

  • AMD's Fireflight APU powers the less snappily-named Subor Z+.  (AnandTech)

    This, as mentioned previously, is only the fourth Zen family chip (despite a range of dozens of shipping processors).  It has four Zen cores and 24 Vega graphics cores, making it similar to Intel's Kaby Lake G parts.  In this case, it's one piece of silicon to Intel's three.

    AnandTech have got hold of one and are working on a complete review.  They just couldn't resist leaking a few snapshots.

  • Newegg had a credit card breach.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is why I refuse to store credit card details.  If Stripe or PayPal get hacked, everyone in the world will be screaming, but it won't be my job to clean it up.

Social Media News

Video of the Day

Picture of the Day

Saw this on Twitter, thought it was CGI for a second.

Maybe it is.  Maybe we're all CGI.

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1 I used to be a paid Evernote customer, because you needed to pay to sync PDFs, etc, and their sync was pretty robust across Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. Then they moved into a shiny new office building in Redwood City, hired tons of people to do things other than "multiplatform notes app with sync", and started asking for more money for less functionality. That's when I deleted everything and migrated it all to OneNote (which is finally pretty stable on iOS, but still has slightly different features on every platform). 
Since I bought a Synology NAS, I've started moving things into its Notes app, which isn't perfect, but it stores my data on my own hardware and syncs pretty well (except for having to re-confirm my LetsEncrypt cert every 90 days...). Synology's Drive app, on the other hand, still needs work; you can't have two PCs or Macs syncing the same account, so I still have a few things synced through Dropbox, including a PasswordSafe file with a ridiculously-strong passphrase.

The import/export format for Notes is a zip archive full of JSON files, so I can always get my data back, and in the worst case, I can login to the NAS as root and use the Git repo to retrieve any version of any Note (with a bit of scripting).


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2 Did the Reddit lecture differentiate between the Honourable East Indies Company (English) or the Dutch East Indies Company?

Posted by: cxt217 at Friday, September 21 2018 08:02 AM (EGo5e)

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