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Daily News Stuff 18 September 2018

Tech News

  • The Contributor Covenant, just adopted by the Linux project, is pure cancer.

  • Intel's Xeon D-2141I is a worthy competitor to AMD's Epyc 3151.  (Serve the Home)

  • AMD meanwhile leaked two new Ryzen laptop APUs.  (Overclock3D)

    Again, just different versions of the existing chip.  The 2500U and 2700U are 15W parts for low-power laptops; the new 2600H and 2800H are 45W parts for desktop replacement systems.

    Top speeds are the same, but base speeds jump from 2.2GHz on the 2700U to 3.3GHz on the 2800H.

  • Extended validation certificates are dead.

    These work exactly the same as regular certificates, but the issuer is supposed to verify that you are who you say you are - checking your address, business registration, and other details.  And the status shows differently in your browser.

    Or...  It used to.  But none of the major companies bothered to use them, so the different status now shows as a weird exception to the rule.  So browsers have been updated to show all secure sites the same so as not to confuse users.  So there is now almost no reason to have an EV certificate, and they cost a fortune, where regular certificates can be set up for free (with some limitations).

  • The SR-60 packs sixty tiny servers into 2U of rack space.  (The Next Platform)

    They also have an SR-90.

    Each node is a dual core Intel i7 7600U - very close to the specs of my new laptops (i7 7560U) and not slow - and an upcoming refresh will substitute the newer quad core i7 8650.  Up to 16GB of RAM per node, and 128GB of flash.

    That's not a lot of storage, but it's intended that you'll use that for boot and then use network-attached storage.  Each node has 3 x 1Gb network links, and each cluster of ten nodes has 2 x 10Gb links, so there's a ton of bandwidth sloshing around.

  • David Patterson says it's time for new architectures and new programming languages  (IEEE Spectrum)

    He would know.  Hennessy and Patterson was one of my favourite textbooks.  Not only do I still have it, I went out and bought a newer edition later on.

Video of the Day

What's that you say?  I posted this yesterday?  Um...  You know, I really don't think I'm getting enough sleep.  I didn't notice that until just now. I'm not going crazy.  Chrome on my tablet switched the videos around.  But I am tired enough to believe that I had posted the same video twice.

Picture of the Day


Things sure have improved since we outsourced all our pollution to China.  But I kind of miss the smogodactyls that used to circle the Chrysler Building.

Bonus Video of the Day

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1 Someone tried the contributor-covenant stunt on the Hugo project a few weeks ago. It was only his second pull request (the first was a minor patch that broke the build and had to be fixed by a real dev before merging), and his proposed CoC embedded the lead developer's personal email as the reporting address, with no prior discussion or permission. He'd also never participated in the forums before deciding what the community "needed", and in fact only joined them the same day he sent the PR.

I'm pleased to report that he failed, but I'm sure they'll try again. Weasels gotta weasel.


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, September 18 2018 03:27 PM (tgyIO)

2 I like this Code of Conduct from the comments:
Don't be a dick. Don't waste other peoples' time. Assume good intent.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, September 18 2018 04:52 PM (PiXy!)

3 But how can you use it to take over a project and destroy the lives of people who disagree with you?


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, September 18 2018 05:13 PM (tgyIO)

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