Monday, September 17


Daily News Stuff 17 September 2018

Tech News

  • USB-C audio is garbage.  (PCWorld)

    This is a problem with USB-C more generally; it does so many things that you can't tell from any given port what it does.

    My new laptops have two USB-C ports each.  Both do USB, but only at 5Gb, DisplayPort, and power in.  DisplayPort should mean they also support HDMI (and thus DVI at up to 1920x1200) though the exact spec determines if that requires one adaptor or two.  But no PCIe alt-mode, no 10Gb or USB 3.2 20Gb, no ThunderBolt, only one DP stream each, no MHL or VirtualLink.

  • Microsoft removed that sad little screen Edge pops up when you use it that one time to download Chrome or Firefox  (CNet)

  • Google just released a Basic interpreter for the web.

  • Tame Apple Press says "Bored now."  (Macworld)

    Jason Snell is one of the best of the Apple press and I respect him a lot, though he does his best here to paint a rosy face on the zombie.

  • Google has flopped its flip, will remove www again in Chrome 70 because they are idiots.  (Bleeping Computer)

  • Kobayashi just dropped dead.  Why did you drop dead, Kobayashi?  Was it because I was running 20 LXC containers in a VirtualBox VM running Ubuntu 18.04 desktop with just 2.5GB RAM?

    Yeah, that sounds like it.

  • Speaking of Linux and dropping dead...

    Pull a fork out of it, it's done: Linux adopts a code of conduct.  (Phoronix)

    A very specific and cancerous code of conduct.  Linux previously had the aptly and cheekily named Code of Conflict that prized quality of code above all else.  The new code doesn't mention code, or quality.  Not even once.

Video of the Day


Build the base.

Bonus (?) Video of the Day

This video has quickly become infamous.  The Verge builds a $2000 gaming PC and are so inept they are lucky the studio didn't burn down.  

Update: Aaand it's gone.  Heh.

They could have simply called Dell and ordered an Alienware Aurora with an 8700K, GTX 1080 Ti, and liquid cooling for that price, but the video would probably have been fairly short.

I'll let one of the 937 response videos speak for me here.

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