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Daily News Stuff 16 August 2018

Tech News

  • SemiEngineering offers a roundup of new memory technologies including Intel's 3D XPoint / Optane, how each works, and what we can expect. Some of these are already shipping in products, though not even Optane has made it to the mainstream yet. (SemiEngineering)

  • Istio is a thing what does stuff with bits. If you read that article and end up crosseyed, don't worry, I do this for a living and it had the same effect on me. (The Next Platform)

  • TinyWM is a window manager in 50 lines of C.  Or 39 lines of Python if you prefer.

  • Badly behaved MacOS apps can click on security alerts to grant themselves access to your computer.

    This is not good. (Bleeping Computer)

  • The Australian government is run by idiots. And this is the good bunch, of the two choices of idiots.  They are proposing to force back doors into all cryptographic security, without, they claim, weakening the security.  Which is a mathematical impossibility, but there you have it.

Social Media News

  • Twitter is run by idiots.
  • Twitter's app ecosystem is imploding with API features being cut with no clear guidelines for how the replacement methods will work or what they will cost developers. Some apps have cut functionality, others have shut down entirely.

    Twitter did offer some sample pricing for very small numbers of users. Only problem is, it's insane:
    Pricing for Premium access is $2,899 per month for 250 users. To cover this cost, a third-party app would need to charge over $16 per month to break even.

Video of the Day

I've posted this one before but I really like it so here it is again.  Also, I now know what the expression "crab bucket" means, having recently re-read Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals.

Bonus Video of the Day

I was looking for the opening credits.  Couldn't find a good version, but the entire series is on YouTube, so whatevs.

Picture of the Day

Still no NBN.  Art by Li Chen of Exocomics.

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Bill Shorten agrees with it, even though he has no idea what it said.  Too bad he is leading the greater bunch of idiots.

Obviously, if anyone questions the sanity of the proposal, it can only be due to Tony Abbott having some responsibility for the questioner asking about it.

Sidenote - every time I try to explain Australia's 'we have a list of website you can't access but you can't know what is on the list' to other people here in the States, I get YGBSM replies.

Posted by: cxt217 at Friday, August 17 2018 10:49 AM (BcQU4)

2 And we only know about that list because they keep fucking up and putting perfectly innocent sites on it.  I guess if you're forced to live in a surveillance state, it helps if it's run by complete incompetents.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, August 17 2018 11:03 AM (PiXy!)

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