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Daily News Stuff 12 June 2024

Retromingent Jaguars Edition

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  • Twitter is about to hide likes.  (The Verge)

    Which is to say, the like button will still be there, and the like count will still be there, and you'll be able to see which posts you liked and who liked your posts.

    But you won't be able to see who liked someone else's posts.  Just the count.

    And the psychopathy rampant in The Verge's comment section shows that Elon Musk is entirely correct in pushing for this change.

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Disclaimer: Currently reading Scampidor Dali and the Case of the Aerial Alligator.

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1 Alas, the hiding likes this way won't do anything about that flavor of Thot Bot who just likes your posts every day to get into your notifications.
Frankly I'm amazed they can find me since nobody else seems to be able to. Seriously, trash accounts with 2K followers just piss me off when I seem to be literally capped at 450. There's some legacy code still at work at Twitter. I'm wondering (And I'm probably supposed to) if paying for a month will get me off the ancient shit lists.

Posted by: Mauser at Thursday, June 13 2024 08:45 AM (nk1Z+)

2 Mauser:  AIUI, the like-hiding thing is to prevent leftists from finding wrong thinkers who like posts the hive mind doesn't like.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, June 13 2024 11:10 AM (OZ8mS)

3 "Zen 5 is slightly slower than the Zen 4 X3D chips for gaming."
Yeah, that's a stupid statement.  Let's see how the 900X3Ds do against the 7000X3Ds.  That's a meaningful comparison.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, June 13 2024 11:11 AM (OZ8mS)

4 BTW, hi all, from Minnesota where I just met with a bunch of people at the company I've been interviewing with and who will hopefully/probably make me an offer next week.  Also, I'm sad because the apartment building I checked out today, which was really close to the office, was not merely overly-expensive, but stupidly so.  $2200 for a 2BR?  $50/mo rent for dogs?  $25/mo FEE FOR PARKING IN THE PARKING LOT?
Really nice place though, you can definitely see where all that money's going.  Exercise room, "work from home" lounge, movie theater room, etc.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, June 13 2024 11:14 AM (OZ8mS)

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