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Daily News Stuff 11 September 2023

Amphisbaenic Edition

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  • Elon Musk is suing California over AB587, last year's content moderation legislation, alleging that the law amounts to censorship and violates the First Amendment.  (PC Magazine)

    The legislation does not directly mandate removal of any content, but does require social platforms to submit exhaustive reports of their content moderation policies and actions, broken down by the type of content (both the media type and the cause for the moderation), and the reporting mechanism (internal, community moderators, blatantly illegal government coercion, and so on).

    Is that legally censorship?  Let's ask the bill's author:
    California State Representative Jesse Gabriel, a Democrat and the bill's author, says that if Twitter has nothing to hide, they shouldn’t have any objections to the bill. "Assembly Bill 587 is a pure transparency measure that simply requires companies to be upfront about if and how they are moderating content. It in no way requires any specific content moderation policies – which is why it passed with strong, bipartisan support," Gabriel said in an emailed statement.
    He actually used the Nothing to Hide Argument?  Yeah, he's a communist.

    Does that mean Musk can prevail legally?  Don't know.

    Time to abandon California, Elon.  It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Tech News

Disclaimer: If it weren't for schadenfreude I'd have no freude at all.

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