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SMR Drives Are Not The Fastest Things In The World...

Actually, they're bimodal.  If you try doing random writes to an SMR drive (like the Seagate Archive models) you can hit 1000 IOPS for the first 20GB of data, after which it will plummet to about 5 IOPS.  This is because they implement a WAFL cache.

For reads, they're just like any other hard drive.

Currently backing up 20 million files - about 5TB in total.  Transfer completed, verifying now.

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1 So do these drives have some sort of battery/supercap backup? Or do they rely on being installed on servers which likely have a UPS?

Posted by: Kayle at Saturday, July 15 2017 10:14 PM (y53xD)

2 I think they have a small amount of flash storage.  The latest models definitely do - all of Seagate's current range of 2.5" drives are SMR.  The Barracudas have 1GB flash, the Firecudas have 8GB.

The WAFL cache is on-disk; the flash is used as a level one cache and a directory for the on-disk cache.  In addition to that, they have a 64MB or 128MB RAM cache.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, July 15 2017 11:25 PM (PiXy!)

3 I just learned something the hard way. While Corsair power supplies do have modular cabling, the cabling is NOT the same from model to model. (My 750 watt one blew up after 5 years. Just slapped in a 1000 watt replacement. This one even has a USB port for monitoring, unfortunately I'm out of USB headers. I may have to move the pins to the other half of the header for the port for the CPU cooler.)

Posted by: Mauser at Sunday, July 16 2017 01:25 PM (TYvUn)

4 I have a bag full of spare Corsair modular cables, but no idea if any of them would work for you.  Sucks that they can't even standardise in-house though.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 17 2017 12:22 AM (PiXy!)

5 Oh, the replacement came with a full set. It was a Refurb unit. Although the one thing they didn't check was that two tips from one cable before it was returned were broken off in the socket and had to be teased out with a micro screwdriver.

The question is should I go through the trouble to make a warranty claim on the old one (Which after 5 years is capped at 50% of the value). I don't NEED an extra PSU, and I'm not desperate for money.

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, July 17 2017 05:45 AM (TYvUn)

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