Saturday, July 29


Pixy Is Watching (Summer 2017)

Made in Abyss

I've only started on finished the first episode, but it's definitely worth checking out just for the visuals.  It's gorgeous, sort of half Castle in the Sky and half Hidamari Sketch.

That video will likely self-destruct when the DMCA-bots catch up with it, so just watch the show already.

Episode 2: "I got the stick out."

The writing clunks on occasion, but the characters and worldbuilding are genuinely engaging.  Will continue to watch this one.

Episode 4: Still going strong.  Three giant holes in the ground out of four so far.

Huh.  The guy who's directing this also directed Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi back in the day.  I can see that, though this is much less frenetic.

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