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Inspiron 27 Unboxing, Teardown, And Review

  1. Not mine - still working on that - but it looks like review units started to arrive the same day mine did.
PC World get their hands on an Inspiron 27 and immediately open it up:

[Pixy Note: Click on that link for the video, because I couldn't stop it auto-playing.]

Yeah, I opened the box from the top too.

The video shows off how compact it is - they pack an eight core CPU, desktop graphics card (and not a sucky one), solid-state and spinny disk drives, a subwoofer (a sucky one*), and a fairly substantial cooling rig in something only slightly larger than a 27" monitor. The power supply is external, but I think my monitor also has an external power supply.

I paused the video and zoomed in on the disk drive. It looks like you might be able to squeeze a 5TB 15mm drive in there, which I'd like to try.

Digital Trends has a full review up with lots of pictures, though not of the innards.

I agree with most of the points in this review, though I'm less charitable towards the quality of the built-in sound, hence my trek today to pick up the Logitech speakers.

* To be fair, the complete Inspiron 27 weighs 10kg, and the Logitech subwoofer alone weighs 7kg, so you can't really expect the same sound.

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