Sunday, July 09


I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Had to transfer files from some old servers to their replacements this weekend, so I can shut off the old servers and save money for new toys.

First I thought I'd make sure the new servers were all up to date, so I did the usual apt update; apt upgrade dance and they didn't boot anymore and instead showed an absence of bootable drives and a kernel panic.

Which isn't possible, because without a bootable drive there'd be no kernel to panic, so I knew something else was going on.  Fortunately at that point I was logged in on the console using VNC (which sucks when you have to use it from the other side of the planet, let me tell you) and was able to coax them both into booting again from an older kernel.  Seems there's something amiss in 4.4.0-81 and -83 on these particular machines, though I have others running just fine.

Thankfully it was nothing worse; once I purge the newer kernels both machines rebooted just fine.  Now the file transfer is running and I can just leave it to do its job; it's about 30 million files so it will take a day or so.

Update: And there's a bad drive on one of the new servers.  Yay.  At least I can hand that off to someone else to sort out.

Update: Went to the bathroom, came back, and they'd replaced the drive for me.  These guys are good!

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