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  • Are datacenters drinking all of Arizona's water?  No.  (MSN)

    Takes a lot of scrolling, but one of Microsoft's massive datacenters uses as much water as, uh, 670 families.  Say 2500 people.

    Based on that, all the datacenters in the world might use 0.25% of what is used domestically, which in turn is a small fraction of what is used in agriculture and industry, or, in California, flushed straight out to sea because planning is bad.

  • Researchers have created the first AI worms.  (Ars Technica)

    These use "prompt engineering" to trick LLMs into violating their own rules and generate emails that can, in turn, infect other LLMs.

    Everything old is new again.  We went through a whole decade of this with buffer overflows; this is the same thing except a thousand times more expensive.

Google Doesn't Work Anymore Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: If you're evil, be evil all the way.

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1 The future of AI is AI spamming AI?  Great, now we don't even need people to be the end product!

Posted by: normal at Monday, March 04 2024 08:17 PM (bg2DR)

2 Onan would be proud.

Posted by: normal at Monday, March 04 2024 08:18 PM (bg2DR)

3 The Arse commentariat is losing their cool about losing their Coof.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, March 05 2024 12:22 PM (BMUHC)

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