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Daily News Stuff 27 March 2023

Upscaling The Downscale Edition

Top Story

  • Microsoft needs to stop shoving crap into Windows.  (Tom's Hardware)

    An evergreen story, but in particular this time about the MSN news that is shoved down your throat unless you go through and switch it off in seventeen places.  The Start Menu search will still look things up on Wikipedia which is something that nobody on the planet has ever wanted and I don't know how to turn that off.

Tech News

  • If you remember my experiments with AI image generator Midjourney from a few months ago, well, that was version 2, and they're now on version 5, and it's improved just a tiny bit.

    Hands are still its bête noire, but it's improving there too.  I only had to retry that one once.

    If you want something that looks like hand-drawn art it can do that too.

    The old version was very good at generating body horror and Lovecraftian creepiness; I'll have to try that again and see if the changes have removed that or if it's still lurking.

  • The Arduino Uno R4 has been announced, with 16 times the RAM of the R3.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That brings it up to 32k.  Yes, kilobytes.  Yes, the R3 has 2k of RAM.

  • Amazon has released Mountpoint, an open source tool to mount S3 buckets as truly awful filesystems.  (InfoQ)
    Oh no, what has AWS done? I didn’t spend fifteen years yelling at people not to use S3 as a file system just to be undone by the S3 team itself!
    S3 is absolutely awful at managing files.  It's as effective at that as a bucket is at holding angry bobcats.  Treating it as a filesystem just makes that all the more painfully obvious.

Disclaimer: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what's in this box labelled 'DANGER SALMONELLA'.  Oh, it's turtles.

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1 TikTok largely needs to have no stone left upon another, and the fields sown with salt, but a forced sale is a good start.

A lot of former twitter execs, and current Alphabet and Meta execs, probably need to be executed for treason or sedition or something at some point.  Some would argue for death by torture as being multi-cultural and not very imperialistic, but I would settle for thrown from Tarpean rock, or dropped into an ocean.

Whereas Microsoft and Apple execs may only need to be beaten, only possibly to death, while someone shouts at them to stop introducing entirely unnecessary features that only create more bugs. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, March 28 2023 12:35 AM (r9O5h)

2 Have to use winders 10 at work, and every time there's an update it turns all that stupid cortana/msn/tiles crap back on.  At least the speakers have a physical off switch so I don't get to have those cranked up to play some useless noise that microsoft paid some sound designer twatwaffle (apologies to Brian Eno, but being an actual musical genius doesn't excuse being a pretentious sound designer twatwaffle) 6 figures to toss off.  It's a terrible idea and you dicks (speaking to the morbidly obese penises at microsoft) insist that everyone has to use it!  It's crap!  All of it!

Still, there has to be some way to inject those automatic searches with terms that would get you banned from twitter.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, March 28 2023 12:56 AM (LADmw)

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