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Daily News Stuff 2 October 2023

A Short Death Edition

Top Story

  • Can generative AI solve the greatest problem in computer science?  No.  What are you, stupid?  (ZDNet)

    "Researchers" are trying to use GPT-4 to prove one way or another whether P = NP.

    Broadly speaking, the question is, for a given mathematical problem, if you can prove that a correct answer is in fact correct, is there always an efficient way to find that answer in the first place?  (Though "efficient" in some cases might be relative to the lifespan of the universe.)

    Nobody knows.  Nobody knows if it is possible to know.  But we do know that you can't find out by asking ChatGPT.

    The only good part of this is that you're not paying for it.  The "research" is funded by Microsoft (which owns a big chunk of ChatGPT creator OpenAI) and China.

Tech News

Definitely Not Tech News

  • The interest rate on my home loan somehow went down.  Not complaining, just slightly confused.  (30 year fixed rate mortgages don't exist outside of the US, so we're vulnerable to whatever idiots are currently in government.  And right now we have some real corkers.)

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End  is airing now on Crunchyroll and probably elsewhere.

    Frieren is my favorite manga of recent years and the anime adaptation takes great care with the source material.  It completely held my attention even though I already knew the story.  Head and shoulders above the average anime series that are generally aimed at teens or younger.

    The story?  Imagine The Lord of the Rings, only the action starts the day after Sauron is defeated, and asks, well, what now?

Disclaimer: Though he also didn't predict that people would line up to pay for telescreens.

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1 The LibLab specification summary says OpenAI, and perhaps should say OpenAPI.

Oh, I definitely have more computer than I need ATM. 

But, later today I will be glad that it only takes a bit over two seconds to run a particular script. 

I'm not sure how much longer it would take before the decrease in capabilities would be worth the cost and trouble. 

Probably that got paid off a couple years ago, when I decided my older machine was having too much trouble with Outlook.  Older machine was fairly painful when running certain scripts.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, October 02 2023 08:36 PM (r9O5h)

2 That PC World article isn't wrong at all, as far as it goes.  I've mentioned my Beelink mini PC with an i5-1235U several times; it's a surprisingly powerful machine for everyday stuff.  No, it's not great for gaming--although it will run Diablo IV acceptably well if you turn down the settings, and 2D stuff like Terraria or Starbound, which aren't graphically taxing, run without a hitch.  Email, web browsing, stuff like that, it's plenty powerful enough.
Not very good at Minecraft or more demanding 3D games, though.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, October 03 2023 12:31 AM (BMUHC)

3 Alternately:  It only takes them 2 minutes to produce a 5000-word, spittle-flecked diatribe on The Elon-Who-Musk-Not-Be-Named.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, October 03 2023 03:37 AM (obo9H)

4 Normal:  I see what you did there.  Nice.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, October 03 2023 08:51 AM (BMUHC)

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