Wednesday, November 26


So, How's MongoDB 2.8 Coming Along?

Is there a beta available yet?

There's a release candidate already?  (Actually, a second release candidate now.)

So, what do we get?
  • Pluggable storage engines.
  • Collection-level locking on the traditional MMap storage engine.
  • Document-level locking in the new storage engine, WiredTiger.
  • Compression, transactions, and MVCC in WiredTiger too.
  • Some management stuff.

That's not a lot, but since the number one weakness of MongoDB has always been its storage engine* so if WiredTiger lives up to its claims, this could be right up there with TokuMX.  And TokuMX is my pick for the best general-purpose database in existence, so that is actually saying something.

* Though that's improved a lot since 2010, when I was able to crash it and destroy my database in 15 minutes of testing.  

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