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  • The rumors were correct, and at Computex Taipei today AMD announced new CPUs due in stores next month.  (AnandTech)

    The Zen 3 based eight core 5800XT (a minor speed upgrade over the 5800X) and sixteen core 5900XT (a major upgrade over the twelve core 5900X) will refresh the AM4 platform.

  • Oh, and Zen 5 will also be out next month.  (AnandTech)

    These will arrive in the form of the 9600X, 9700X, 9900X, and 9950X, with TDPs ranging from 65W for the first two, to 170W for the 9950X.

    The 9600X and 9700X use 40W less than their Zen 4 predecessors, and the 9700X uses 50W less.  

    At the same time they're an average of 16% faster on real tests, and twice as fast in some specific cases.

  • Server CPUs are coming soon as well, with up to 192 cores.

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Disclaimer: Not so secret anymore, you foolish mollusc!

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