Thursday, June 20


Xbox Phone Home

Or more accurately, Xbox One no phone home.

After being sandbagged by Sony at E3 last week, Microsoft has wised up and removed the requirement that the Xbox One connect to Microsoft to re-authenticate itself every 24 hours.  They've also removed the restriction on selling or lending disc-based games.

Now if they just allow you to run it without the Kinect and cut the price by $100, they'll have a slower PS4 with less available memory...

They could also stop trying to bullshit everyone about the cloud, but there I'm not sure that they actually realise what they're doing; I suspect they may believe their own nonsense.

Update: Penny Arcade sums it up.

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1 It isn't so much that they believe their own B.S. about the cloud, it's that they fervently want the World to believe their B.S. about the cloud so they can rake in more money from those who sign up.

Reminds me of when they sent a pair of sales dweebs over to our office with a big pitcher of Vista-flavored Kool-aid back when it first launched. (Sadly for them, there were 4 or 5 of us there that day that did nothing but hammer them on Vista's failings. They were sweating when they left.)

Posted by: the Cyberwolfe at Thursday, June 20 2013 03:01 PM (CUkqs)

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