Friday, June 21



The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is now available in Australia.  This is one of the phones I've been looking to as a mini-tablet; it has a 6.3" 1280x720 screen, so the screen is nearly as big as on the Nexus 7, but the device overall is much slimmer and lighter.

There are two models; the only difference is that one has 8GB of onboard flash and the other has 16GB.

Prices are $669 and $679 respectively.

Why do they even bother?  The cost of handling two separate SKUs across multiple markets has to be more than the cost of just giving everyone 16GB in the first place.

I'm still thinking it over.  If they had a 128GB model at, say, $799, I'd have jumped already.*

* I have a 160GB iPod classic.  There is nothing, literally nothing, on the market that can replace it.  Flash memory prices are now low enough, and capacities high enough, that it would be cheap and easy to build such a device.  But no-one has bothered.

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