Friday, January 18


Disaster Averted

Today in Sydney it was precisely the melting point of Ice-9*, thus averting global fictitious ocean freezy disaster.

It was also, apparently, precisely the melting point of my network switch, because it did.  This proved quite inconvenient.**

Fortunately, we've now had a "cool change" come through.  They call it that because it's shorter than "not technically a hurricane".***

* 45.8C / 114.4F.  In other words, far too hot.
** Probably not the only thing that melted; my internet access went out, and then my local network started having problems.  Now that it's cooled down, both are fine again, but it made for a frustrating day.
*** Wind speeds of 72km/h gusting over 100km/h - and the temperature where I live dropped from 38C to 24C in three minutes.

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1 25 degrees F in three minutes?  That's a fairly decent temperature gradient, yeah.  I've experienced similar, but I live in the midwestern US... we'll go from 95 F to 75 F in a few minutes a couple-three times per summer.

Always involved is a massive relocation of dampness from sky to ground, and occasionally accompanied by tornadoes.

I don't recommend it, m'self.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Saturday, January 19 2013 10:59 AM (cymHZ)

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