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  • Toyota shut down 14 factories because they ran out of disk space.  (Tom's Hardware)


  • Samsung's 2TB 980 Pro is now available for $99.  (Tom's Hardware)

    18 months ago that was the price of an entry-level QLC 1TB drive.

    Maybe someone could send one to Toyota.

  • Also Samsung now offers a 4TB model of their 990 Pro.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That's $345, which is not particularly cheap, but would have been an amazing bargain just last year.

  • AMD's Radeon RX 7800 XT is here and it's pretty good.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Faster (mostly) and cheaper (mostly) than Nvidia's RTX 4070.

    It is a little slower than the previous generation's 6800 XT, so you wouldn't want to upgrade.  But the 6800 XT was a $649 card three years of inflation ago, and the 7800 XT is $499 now.  If you find a 6800 XT still on the shelves at around $500, that's worth considering, but they're fast disappearing.

    The 7700 XT is out too.  It's a great $399 card, but costs $449.  It's only another $50 for the 7800 XT, which is really a no-brainer unless the 7800 XT sells out...  Which is probably what will happen.

  • Clubhouse is trying to make a comeback.  (Tech Crunch)

    Clubhouse was the hottest place in town during the Wuhan Bat Flu Death Plague Global Super Ultra Lockdown when it was brand new, only available on iPhones, and invitation only.

    As soon as it opened up to more users - immediately after investment money flooded in - everybody left.

Disclaimer: Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.

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