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Daily News Stuff 4 September 2023

Blackjack And Hookers Edition

Top Story

  • Having destroyed the original city, tech billionaires are planning to build their own San Francisco, with blackjack, and hookers.  (Associated Press)

    They've bought up 78 square miles of land between Travis AFB and Rio Vista in Solano County, about sixty miles northeast of San Francisco and safely out of shitting range.
    But Princess Washington, mayor pro tempore of Suisun City, said residents deliberately decided to protect open space and keep the area around Travis Air Force Base free of encroachment given its significance.
    I included that quote solely because of the mayor's name.
    She’s suspicious that the group’s real purpose is "to create a city for the elite” under the guise of more housing.
    Well, yes.
    "Economic blight is everywhere. So why do you need to spend upwards of a billion dollars to create a brand new city when you have all these other things that can be achieved throughout the Bay Area?” she said.
    I would assume this is because Solano County (a) is cheaper - though with median house prices around $600k, not cheap - and (b) has less crime, drugs, and human excrement, though again this is California so I might be incorrect there.

    Unfortunately for the project, while buying up all the land, the planners appear to have forgotten to buy the residents or the politicians:
    "You big wealthy Silicon Valley billionaires, you’re party to all of this. This is the kind of people you are? This is how you want to operate?” he said. "What they’ve managed to do is to totally poison the well.”
    In order: Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Tech News

Holotori Dance Music Video of the Day

It's Subaru - definitely not a duck - and the rest of the birds from Hololive.

Kiara (a chicken phoenix), Mumei (a towl owl), Reine (a turkey peafowl), and Lui (a flamingo hawk).

Only missing are Kaela (definitely not a penguin) and new girl Nerissa (technically not a raven).

Don't Call Them Gen 7 Music Video of the Day

Cry into your pillow, Kay Yu.  They're debuting talents faster than you can add them to the game.

Disclaimer: Holocanids next!

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1 I live in Rio Vista(at Ft. Geezer, (a gated,  55+ outpost in the sere plain of the Montezuma Hills) where there is little, if any, support for this Utopian scheme. One of the main complaints is that the already poor traffic situation(one two-lane state road which connects RV with the outside world) will become far worse when construction starts. The big question is how big the bribes offered to the local pols will go. 

Posted by: Joe Redfield at Tuesday, September 05 2023 03:16 AM (KOtXO)

2 Saw the Scrum comment about how well it fits in with micromanagement.  That was my experience with it.  Reached the point where, if I was going to a 30-minute-meal-is-served restaurant during the hour long lunch break, I had to clear it with the manager first.  Total commute time was 20 minutes if traffic was slow.

Posted by: Frank at Tuesday, September 05 2023 02:15 PM (JqCHh)

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