Friday, April 20


Unpleasant Morning

The Grim Dawn project on Kickstarter is doing okay - they're up to 44% after three days - but I want to see them at 440% so they can make the game extra double awesome.

If the idea of a slick steampocalypse action RPG appeals to you, hop on over and sign up. $18 gets you the game, DRM-free, and a sense of smug self-satisfaction for sticking it to the lizard.  It's from some of the creators of Titan Quest, which I picked up for $3.74 on a Steam sale and then played for about seventy hours.*

Do it. You know it's right.

This message brought to you by the It's Not an Addiction Council for the Promotion of Neat Stuff on Kickstarter.

* In the game, you walk from Greece to China.  This takes a while.

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