Wednesday, September 19


Three Little Maids

I have a new server up and running at new provider ReliableSite in New Jersey, but I've been looking for a second source because I don't want to have all my digital eggs in one basket.

Just got a too-good-to-turn-down offer at Incero in Dallas, and placed an order for three servers. They're smaller than the server I have at ReliableSite right now - 4 cores and 32GB vs. 16 cores and 64GB - but with the same disk space and less than half the price.

Two are general-purpose servers, with 2x2TB disks and 2x256GB SSDs in RAID-1; the third is a storage server with 4x2TB disks in RAID-5. These are just a 1ms ping away from the existing servers at SoftLayer in Dallas.

Oh, and each comes with 30TB of monthly bandwidth on a gigabit port, and a private back-end network.

The plan is to have two of these general-purpose servers in Dallas and two in New Jersey, replacing place of the current single larger server there.  The four of them combined will cost about the same as our current main server.  The new archive server costs about the same as our current archive server but has 50% more space, RAID-5, and eight times the RAM.

Resource Before After
Cores 12x2.93GHz 16x3.4GHz
Memory 24GB 128GB
Disk 4TB RAID-5 8TB RAID-1
Bandwidth 9TB 80TB

The new servers each have a four-core CPU, compared to our current dual-CPU 12-core system.  But the new quad-cores are as fast as the older six-core chips, and we have twice as many of them in total, so we're doing pretty well there too.

In New Jersey we'll have Aoi and Midori; in Dallas, Akane and Mikan.  Archive server will be Sakura.  Our current high-bandwidth server, Kurumi, will be cancelled, since we have plenty of bandwidth on the new main servers and won't need it.  

Once the migration is complete it will be cheaper than the existing servers and far more robust and flexible.  If one server goes offline I'll be able to bring things right back up on another one; even if one entire datacenter goes down I'll have backups at the other site, and be able to get things up and running again pretty quickly.

Now I just need to work out how I'm going to use all this capacity. But that's a good concern to have. smile

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