Sunday, January 22


Rinne No Lagrange

Genki girl meets super-science flying battle robot.

  1. Which one, though?  One of the stable ones or one of the metastable ones?
  2. Wan.
  3. Where did those come from?  I'm sure they weren't there before.
  4. Aww, now they're gone again.
  5. Guess it's one of the metastable ones then.
  6. Wan.

The robot fights are formulaic, but the characters and the character designs work for me, as does the art style generally and the music, both op/ed and incidental.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but it has a beat and you can dance...  I mean, it's enjoyable enough so far.

Two and one half little fishies out of four.  Wan.


Now you see 'em...

Now you don't.

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