Wednesday, February 22


My Kittens Just Had Kittens

So, Double Fine, the game company headed by Tim Schafer (Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts) has raised over $2 million on Kickstarter for a new old-school adventure game - five times their original goal, and still going strong.

This has not escaped the attention of other developers of classic games.  Brian Fargo (founder of Interplay, creator of Bard's Tale and Wasteland) plans to launch a Kickstarter drive very soon to develop a sequel to Wasteland.  

If you're not familiar with Wasteland, it's the predecessor to Fallout.  Fargo didn't have the rights for a direct sequel, so the Black Isle division of Interplay developed Fallout as the next best thing.  Possibly the next better thing, because Fallout is a gem.

And Obsidian, the present incarnation of the aforementioned Black Isle, are also looking into the idea.  As Black Isle the team created both the original Fallout games, both Icewind Dale games, and Planescape: Torment, possibly the best computer role-playing game ever.  They're currently busy with a couple of projects - they do a lot of work-for-hire - but they have a lot of projects they never got to complete in the Black Isle days.  

It's unlikely that we'll ever see the original vision for Fallout 3 or Baldur's Gate III due to licensing issues, and Torment was a massive project, with 800,000 words of text (about twice as much as Lord of the Rings), but a just-plain-fun party-based isometric dungeon crawler like Icewind Dale is something that likely could and would be funded through Kickstarter.

I loved the Infinity Engine games (Baldur's Gate I & II, Icewind Dale I & II, and Planescape: Torment) and if they were still making them today I'd still be buying them.  So if and when those projects show up on Kickstarter, I will leap on them, cash in hand.

Brian and Chris (Avellone, of Obsidian), you hear me?  However many of these projects you think you can deliver, me and my money are ready and waiting.

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