Sunday, January 22


Indexes Indexes Everywhere

Oh yes, other thing: MongoDB has indexes.  And while they're not quite as flexible as CouchDB (which lets you do anything that can be produced by an idempotent function on the record) or Riak (which lets you do anything at all, consistent or not), MongoDB can do what I need, which is building an ordered compound index where one of the components is the elements of an array.


MySQL can't do that (it doesn't have arrays, to start with).  PostgreSQL can't do that (it has arrays, and can index them, but can't build an ordered compound index where one component is an array).  CouchDB has no problem; Riak will do anything you like; MongoDB can do it, but you can't have two arrays in the index (which would be nice to have available, but isn't going to kill me).

The other database that I know can do it - and might be suitable for Minx - is OrientDB.  I'd like to take a look at that too.

But MongoDB, now that those issues have been fixed, is fast enough, flexible enough, and scalable enough.  Might not be perfect, but what is?*

* Well, Kimi ni Todoke, but apart from that?

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