Sunday, July 15


Gender Blender

Kokoro Connect.  This is the one that looks just like K-On! only with boys* as opposed to Tari Tari, the one that sounds just like K-On! only not with boys.

First episode was pretty good.  If it continues this way, as a character-driven series circling around the McGuffin, it could be a standout, because the characters are generally quite engaging.

Music and animation are decent enough, if unremarkable.  The character designs are fine, as are the voices, particularly Miyuki Sawashiro as Inaba.  (She played Celty in Durarara!! and the landlady in Hidamari, so it's another unexpected but oddly perfect voice in the line of last season's girl-shaped space bee.)

So I'll be watching this one - assuming I don't end up dead again, which is not a given.

Now, when does Moyashimon Chronic start?  Huh, Miyuki has a role in that too.  Wait, it's already on?  Why does no-one tell me these things?!

Episode 2 Update: Huh.  It did an Immelman Turn when I was expecting it to zig.  Interesting, though.

* Some.**
** Sometimes.***
*** Probably. 

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