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Since Double Fine blew the lid off indie gaming funding six months ago, every old-school gamer has been keeping a list of people and companies they wanted to see on Kickstarter.  And near the top of many lists have been Chris Avellone and Obsidian, who in a previous incarnation brought us the immortal Planescape: Torment.

(Which is currently on sale on GOG.  Go.  Buy.  This post will still be here when you get back.)

Their goal of $1.1 million is low for an RPG, but high for Kickstarter.  Will they make it?  Right now it's anyone's guess, but they've hit 65% in just twelve hours, so anyone's guess is yes.

Update: Well, there you go.  Took a whole day, but they're now closing in on $1.2 $1.3 $1.5 million and have announced stretch goals (including Mac and Linux versions) out to $2.2 million, which I expect to see them exceed handily.

In less glorious news, BGEE has been Novembered.  Awfully close to the release date to announce a ten-week schedule slip, but still, I'd rather have it actually work when it comes out, and it's not like I'll have nothing to do in the meantime.

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I am still waiting for someone to come up with a Master of Orion fantasy turn-based strategy (Or maybe realtime with pauses, unlike how Majesty plays.) on Kickstarter.  Or a sci-fi RPG (Other than Wasteland 2.).


Posted by: cxt217 at Monday, September 17 2012 02:51 PM (juwHe)

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