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Dragon Age: Shadows

Bioware, this:

It's ten years after the events of Origins, and the brief peace following the Warden's victory has all but collapsed.  There's open conflict among the lords of Ferelden, between the lords and the crown, between the mages and the Chantry, between Ferelden and Orlais.  The only reason Orlais hasn't stepped in and taken over is that they aren't faring any better, nor is any help to be expected from Orzammar, which is in open civil war, nor the Dalish Elves, who have completely vanished.

And there are reports of a new Blight from the north...  And from the west, and from the south.

And into all this steps the Warden, the saviour of Ferelden.  Only you have no idea where you've been for the past ten years.  If you died at the end of the first game, doesn't matter, you're back.  You still died, but that's still you walking around.  (Indeed, whoever died at the end of the first game is back, very much alive.)

You have even more trouble on your hands than the first time, and all your former allies are dead, lost, or struggling with their own problems.  You have to gather the scattered remnants of your party and try to save Thedas from the greatest peril it has ever faced.

Annnnd....  The rest is up to you.

Actually if you really want to do it my way right, this is the middle part of the trilogy.  And you fail.  Ferelden is toast, you've been forced to flee through and beyond Orlais, and at the end of the game half your party is missing presumed dead and it looks like the end of the world.

Followed by Dragon Age: Nightfall, where the Blight has pretty much taken over and you have to destroy it from within - with help from two very unexpected sources.

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You certainly have a taste for more...apocalyptic favoring than I do, though it would make for an interesting story.

Speaking of apocalypse and blight...I think it is north of you, but it seems the online reaction to the Queensland's election is excited, to say the least.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, March 25 2012 11:51 AM (Hep/0)

2 Hadn't been following the election news, actually.  Let me see...
Heh.  Yeah, ain't that somethin'?  Labor (the incumbents) lost, probably 78-7 with 4 independents.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, March 25 2012 03:00 PM (PiXy!)

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