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Shrieky Zombie Video of the Day

She's moderated the crazy* aspect of her character and found her niche as a zombie genki girl with no understanding of personal space.  Fair warning, she still hits 110dB at 9kHz when she gets blown up by a creeper.

* She's named Kureiji Ollie.  They know exactly what they are doing.

Disclaimer: I pay the bills, I call the shots
I grease the palms, I buy the yachts

One thing I can guarantee
The best things in life, they sure ain't free.

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1 Yes, I switched from using sudo to doas a couple of months ago, and I've nearly cured myself of the typing habit (though I was tempted to just alias sudo to doas).  I guess I should just go ahead and actually delete sudo entirely at this point if it's going to be a bug-ridden pile of dung.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, February 04 2021 12:24 AM (LADmw)

2 "Even Ars Technica seems to have figured out that Huawei are less than entirely truthful."
The first couple of paragraphs of that article are pure CCP agitprop.  Poor beleaguered Huawei, picked  on by the US government--well, Orange Man Bad, really, but at least the Arse who wrote the article didn't say that in those words.  

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, February 04 2021 01:11 AM (eqaFC)

3 (Hopefully, Beijing doesn't have "a file" on me now.)
Well, at least he's not some kind of naïve dummy.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, February 04 2021 02:11 AM (LADmw)


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