Sunday, August 21


Sorry About That, Folks!

Had a drive failure1, which caused the system to reboot2, which caused a lengthy filesystem check because we'd been up so long3, which when circumvented allowed us to boot cleanly, which highlighted a networking glitch4, which when fixed allowed us to find the database corruption5 which we've now fixed allowing us to get back on the air.

I was supposed to be in a conference session on hosting web applications right about now...

1 Grrr Western Digital! 6
2 Grrr Adaptec! 6
3 Grrr ext3 default settings which I didn't bother to override...6
4 Grrr OpenVZ! 6
5 Grrr MySQL! 6
6 Though it must be said that we've been running on this without a hiccup for nearly 18 months.

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1 Yay Pixy!  Our Hero!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, August 21 2011 10:12 AM (o45Mg)

2 I am sorry to bring it up in view of quick and successful resolution, but you should not keep two DNS servers on the same subnet. Run "host -t ns" and "host -t ns" to see what I mean. My secondary is not just on a different subnet, it's on a different continent.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sunday, August 21 2011 02:36 PM (9KseV)

3 Agreed.  I had secondary DNS on a little VPS at another provide, but then the host node fell over and was down for 20 hours, during which time I moved it to the main server and never got around to moving it back.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, August 21 2011 06:02 PM (PiXy!)

4 "'s on a different continent" --- yes, but what if an asteroid takes out the planet?  How will the astronauts on the ISS get to your web site after that?  I plan to put DNS servers on Luna, Phobos, and Io.  Just in case.

Posted by: dkallen99 at Monday, August 22 2011 12:50 AM (HOXKi)

5 Grrr Western Digital!

Never took a liking to their product.

I'll buy Seagate or Hitachi, even (ugh) Fujitsu, before I buy something from WD.

Posted by: Blacque Jacques Shellacque at Monday, August 22 2011 10:53 AM (PaYgs)

6 Hey Pixy, I have a new idea on fixing spam at AoS, but I don't want you to ban me, and I don't want to humiliate myself in front of internet great Steven Den Beste again(is he still around?)

So let me write my idea here, and you can quickly delete it once you've read it.  Thanks in advance for not banning me.

Here it is.  We all know that 'captcha' sucks.  But what if you added captcha for any comment that included 3 or more hyperlinks?  You'd catch 100% of the spam, and maybe half a percent of the nonspam.  You'd win, aussie!  Oi!

Posted by: Kevin at Thursday, August 25 2011 09:57 AM (PjWPp)

7 Yeah, some sort of captcha when there's something unusual going on - too many links, too many posts an hour from a given IP - that could definitely help.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, August 25 2011 02:15 PM (PiXy!)

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