Thursday, May 26


Mid-Season Review

I only get to watch anime at two times: When everything is going smoothly at work and all is well with the world and I have peace and quiet in the evening, and when everything is a multilayered blancmange of disasters and I'm up all night rebuilding servers and need something to keep me company.

That said, where are we at with the Spring season?  I rated it a big fat meh when the previews came out, but I've changed my tune since then.

Must See

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Whenever I want to talk about the show I have to go find a previous post and cut and paste the name.  Other than that, it's awesome.  I haven't talked about it much because I want people to experience that for themselves.


A Channel

It's a straight-up moe show, cute girls being cute, with no particular gimmick.  And it pulls it off very nicely; the girls are individually and as a group, utterly charming.


Worth Watching

Hanasaku Iroha

It's a 2-cour (24-26 episode) series, so it's taking longer to get going and hasn't grabbed my attention fully as yet, but it shows great promise.


The World God Only Knows II

Okay, it's a continuation of the previous season - though not a sequel, because the first season only covered the early chapters of the manga.  And, like the first season, it's fun and has some great comedic moments.


Fascinating Train Wrecks

C - The Miscibility and Solubility of Colloidal Precipitates

While this show is generally well done, it's the sort of thing where the quality of the show as a whole depends utterly on the denouement.  This show will only be as good as its ending, and I predict that the ending will be absolutely terrible.  (Based on the fact that the story so far makes not the slightest shred of sense.)


Ao no Exorcist

This suffers similar flaws to C, except where C has excellent storytelling but a nonsensical story, Ao no Exorcist has a serviceable story but nonsensical storytelling; it cannot decide what sort of story it wants to be.


Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

It's cliche-blend-o-matic time, and nothing is new under the Sun.  But it's at least nice to look at.


Astarotte no Omocha

Much much better than its original premise would suggest, but it would pretty much have to be.  It's actually the story of two young girls growing up away from their mothers -

Uh-oh.  I thought I heard something moving around the other day.  There it goes, into the pantry.  Let's see, if I board up the entry to the kitchen, and chase it out of the pantry into this cleverly-placed box, it will - yes, it will escape into the laundry.  Guess someone's going to be buying some mousetraps tomorrow.

Anyway, Astarotte no Omocha:

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