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Dresden Codak is why I don't have a web comic.  Well, that and the lack of artistic talent.  Say what you will about Order of the Stick* or Erfworld* or Penny Arcade** or XKCD*, Dresden Codak is a work of art.

The story proper (that is, Kim's story) starts here.  The artwork in the older panels isn't as good as it is now, but it doesn't take long to start throwing up gems like Trouble in Memphis* or Girl vs. Bear.*  Or Dungeons and Discourse* or, of course, the delightful and aforementioned Copan.*  Or Rule 110,* which has one of the greatest lines in literary history.

Read it.*

* It's brilliant.
** Also brilliant, albeit erratic.

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1 I see, that is pretty good indeed. A little convoluted and busy though, takes a lot to get used to.

I was looking for something like this ever since Questionable Content got stuck in the silly relationships rut.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Saturday, February 26 2011 02:25 PM (9KseV)


It reminds me a bit of Argon Zark. Which gets updated about once a year these days, if not even less, but at least he hasn't totally abandoned it.

The first story got completed a long time ago and the second story is up to page 75 now. Over time he's changed the technology he uses a couple of times, variously including animated GIF's, JavaScript, and these days Flash. But it always looks really amazing.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, February 27 2011 11:35 AM (+rSRq)

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